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Beyond just providing seating, the benches allow the lobby to conform to ADA requirements (for the visually impaired) by creating a needed barrier around the stairs. The Lundberg Design shop fabricated, configured and installed five benches within each of VMware's five building lobbies. Constructed out of rip-cut walnut logs, the benches are a testament to our dedication to the honest expression of materials. The shape of the logs was retained and the visual texture of the grain accentuated by a Danish oil finish. We fabricated the supports using hot-rolled steel I-beams, modified to snugly fit onto the log exterior. We invented a custom contour gage to help us with the process. The wood was sourced from an Oregonian walnut grove where the trees were senescent and past their fruit-bearing prime.

Palo Alto, CA | 2007



LD Team

Jeffrey Loehmann
Ryan Hughes
Greg Kice
Sasha Acher
Wain Owings

Made by our shop

  • Steel and wood benches
  • Walnut and steel benches


Ryan Hughes