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This is a remodel of a poorly built spec-house on a difficult site. The original design lacked architectural style, an apparent point of entry, and useable outdoor space.

Our solution centered around the idea of using a steel and glass greenhouse as an entry element which could then also provide access to new decks on both levels. This element created a dramatic "entry lantern" that began to define a contrasting aesthetic in opposition to the blandness of the original structure. Elements of steel and glass were utilized throughout the interior remodel to reinforce that expression.

A rear deck was defined by a gently curving fence/retaining wall with a cable trellis that extends to the roof peak. The hope is that eventually the vines will reach the top of the cables effectively "swallowing" the old roof plane.

The custom kitchen and dining tables were designed and fabricated in the Lundberg Design shop. Lundberg Design assisted with interior design and furniture selection.

Larkspur, CA | 2005


Paul + Paulette Ryan

LD Team

Michelle Kriebel
Randy Sherbroun
Jill Fortuna
Francine Bennett

Project Team

Ryan Associates

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Art Gray, Michelle Kriebel, Ryan Hughes