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This is a remodel of a small farmworker's house just off the Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley. It is only 1,000 square feet, so the interior was gutted to open up the plan (it used to have three so-called bedrooms) with only walls for the bathroom being retained.

The challenge of the site is that while it has a beautiful view of vineyards out the front, it also sits very close to the Silverado Trail, which is often a very busy road. In an effort to retain the view while providing some sense of privacy and visual screening we designed a Corten steel screen to cover the front façade. In the day it makes looking into the house very difficult, while from the inside the view is still quite apparent. At night, even with translucent blinds it creates a dramatic linear effect from the exterior, turning the structure into a giant light fixture.

In spite of its diminutive size, the house has a wealth of custom detailing. Notable is the plasma screen television, which slides along a linear track system from the bedroom to the living area. The fireplace is board-formed concrete; the floors are eucalyptus. A stainless steel gate, glass awnings, and even a stainless rose trellis were all fabricated by the Lundberg Design shop.

Napa Valley, CA | 2004

LD Team

Martine Paquin
Jill Fortuna

Project Team

Griffin Molinari Building Construction

Made by our shop

  • Glass awnings
  • Stainless steel gate
  • Steel trellis


Ryan Hughes