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This is a very small restaurant – 16 diners at a single communal table. The concept was to build out the interior utilizing a single windfall tree, honoring the tree in the same way that Chef honors the animal by utilizing it completely. All of the woodwork has been handcrafted by the architects in-house fabrication shop. A screen wall of rotating vertical wood slabs allows the space to open to the downtown sidewalk during the day and when guests arrive. Once the dinner begins, the panels are rotated to create a private room with the table being a stage for the presentation of the food. The warmth of the wood compliments the warmth of the chefs tasting menu. The lighting design is intentionally simple with a singular decorative lighting fixture located at the head of the room. The lighting above the communal table is solely meant to provide light on the surface of the dining table and not draw attention to the fixtures themselves. The interior design is meant to act as a natural and subtle backdrop and allows the complexity and color of the food to be the primary focus and décor.

PALO ALTO | 2018


Maum Group

LD Team

Cameron Cooper

Project Team

LWG Construction

Made by our shop

  • 16’ Wood Slab Communal Table
  • Entry Door with Wood Slab, Brass Pull Handle, Engrained Brass Lettering
  • Wood Slab Shelving
  • Rotating Wood Slab Screen Wall


Thomas Kuoh