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Most of the project has been built using reclaimed materials from various projects over the years. The windows are all steel sash from, at last count, five different remodel projects. The pool is perhaps the most notable example; it used to be a water tank for livestock. At 25-feet diameter and 14-feet deep it provides a wonderful black hole of water, particularly in a full moon.

The floors are a multicolored slate, which is the only material that does not show everything that the dogs tend to drag in. The exterior siding is reclaimed redwood. The interior walls are thin strips of Montana white pine. The bed cantilevers out over the loft edge to provide a little more room upstairs, and would not be good for someone with vertigo.

Some elements are custom designed for the cabin, such as the firewood holder. But many of the pieces are rejects from other projects, like the coffee table that was designed for the Diva Hotel (it has a flaw in the casting). The entire project has been built by the office and myself over the years (big food parties tend to help), and continues to serve as a source of education and inspiration for the entire office.

Recent additions include an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, tandoori, cooking hearth, and commercial wok range. We also built a biological wetlands filter for the pool, and are currently adding a photovoltaic system which we hope will make the project a net-zero energy consumer.

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