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This is a project we designed for Leslie Rudd, our client for the Rudd Estate Wine Cave and the owner of Dean and Delucca. The Building is a historic commercial shed on Pier 50, just south of the Giants ballpark.

Because of the historic status of the structure we were limited to what we could alter, so our design approach was to clean up the interior by sandblasting the wooden structure and concrete walls, and then using the flamboyant piping and tanks as the "architectural objects" within the restored space. The pot still, a beautiful copper urn that was made in Scotland, becomes the visual center, while the rest of the tanks and valves and stainless piping celebrate the process of making one of the world's great gins.

The other part of making gin, the secret blend of 13 botanicals, is housed in a shipping container that was simply modified with sliding glass doors and a custom shelving system - an elegantly utilitarian solution (and very inexpensive) for climate controlled storage of ingredients like bergamot (our personal favorite) that provide the distinctive flavor of Gin 209.

San Francisco, CA | 2004


Leslie Rudd

LD Team

Alan Owings
Jeffrey Loehmann

Project Team

SPE Construction