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The Crull House is located in St. Helena, California, in the heart of the Napa Valley. A cruciform in plan, it straddles a knoll in such a way as to offer a different view/orientation to each of the four wings of the house. The master bedroom has a view of the valley, the living/dining area looks out onto the property's vineyards, the guest room wing looks into the forest and the pool area, and even the garage (which can double as a party space) has a view into an oak grove.

Although it is a big house, almost 10,000 square feet under roof, the cruciform plan breaks up the massing so that only about one half of the house can be viewed at any one time. Most of the roof stays below the tree canopy, and its gentle asymmetrical curve recalls the form of many of the surrounding tree boughs. The roof is sheathed in standing seam zinc, which has weathered to a soft, mouse-skin gray, resulting in a building that sits very gently upon the landscape. As contemporary as its form is, from the valley floor and the neighboring properties it is completely invisible, and very private in feeling.

On this project our shop was responsible for extensive custom fabrication, including the front door, railings, the kitchen/dining room divider, fireplace screen system, and even the firewood holder. Furniture items include the outdoor dining table, pool bench, and the living room deck coffee table.

St. Helena, CA | 1998


Tim + Peggy Crull

LD Team

Shawn Fritz

Project Team

Praxis Construction

Made by our shop

  • Entry door
  • Railings
  • Sliding room divider
  • Firewood holder

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