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This is our first remodel of one of our own projects – Heaven’s Dog. The building had a flood, and as we considered the options for repair, some additional adjacent space became available, enabling us to enlarge the restaurant. Heaven’s Dog was primarily a bar, but with an additional 600 square feet of space we could change the image to that of a restaurant with a great bar. We left the big single slab of cypress that is the bar top, but we added the honey panels that we originally had in Out The Door in the Westfield Center (we have been doing this long enough that we have now officially reclaimed some of our own work)! We moved the refrigeration and in doing so were able to open up to the kitchen and add a chef’s table as well. But really having a tall dramatic space to end the long bar axis makes all the difference, and the honey panels provide the perfect accent – adding drama and warmth.

San Francisco, CA | 2014


The Slanted Door Group

LD Team

Jeff Loehmann, Ryan Austin, David Battenfield

Project Team

Terra Nova Industries

Made by our shop

  • Honey wall
  • Honey wall
  • Cypress bar and woven wood wall
  • Broke-form banquettes
  • Honey wall
  • Honey wall
  • Honey wall

Press and awards


K M Dale Tan, Ryan Hughes, David Battenfield